Liberty 7's Slots

It is fitting that we are reviewing a slot game, Liberty 7s that is being offered by one of the best online casinos for US players – Liberty Slots Casino. You can play this game by registering with Liberty Slots in the lobby area, and choosing whether you’d like to play for fun or for real money. Once you register (no money required) select the Slots Category to the left and then 3-reel Slots. You will find Liberty 7s Slots in alphabetical order. The entire slot game is in the American flag colors of Red, White, and Blue.

Game Facts

Liberty 7s is a classis 3-reel, 1-payline slot. The coin sizes range from one cent to $10 as the max bet. Three coins are required to bet the max. The jackpot worth 10,000 coins! The second highe3st payout is 5000 coins. There is an Auto Play button available. The pay table is located at the top of the slot machine so that you can easily view the symbols and payouts.

Red, White & Blue

All of the symbols reflect the American flag and Liberty. They include: single, double, and triple bars as well as 7s in red white and blue. While three coins are required to bet the max, we advise you to do so as you can win the 10,000-coin jackpot when you get the red, white, and blue sevens. Moreover, you can win 5000 coins if you get 3 red 7s.

Play Liberty 7s Slots at Liberty Slots Casino

This slot game not only reflects the casino, but our American heritage as well. We invite you to play Liberty 7s Slots at our top online casino for US players – Liberty Slots Casino.