Forest Frenzy Slots

Forest Frenzy has some of the best graphics we've seen. The forest seems real, but the audio that plays in the background is simply a soothing melody. Sit back and relax as your winnings stack up on this 5-reel bonus slot.

It all starts with your wager. Coin values start at a penny, and all 25 paylines are active so your minimum bet is 25 cents. Increase the coin value to the $10 maximum for a max bet of $250. We set the coin value to $1 and with the re-spin bonus, we'd filled all but one spot with King symbols and won $450.

All Winning Paylines Trigger a Re-Spins Bonus

When you have a winning combination, those symbols provide a re-spin. If more symbols are added to the reels and trigger another payout, you win another re-spin. This bonus feature continues until you no longer form a winning combination or you fill all 15 spaces. The payouts with this feature are tremendous.

Scatters Trigger the Free Spins Bonus

The Buffalo scatter triggers a free spins bonus round. Three scatters awards five free spins, and the re-spins bonus is still active the entire time. The best part of the free spins bonus round is that each free spin grows the multiplier to as high as 10x. Start at 1x and go upwards from there. We won $1,150 by the end of our five free spins.

How Much Are the Base Game Prizes?

Symbols in Forest Frenzy slots require three matches on a payline. The first four symbols are classified as "Minor Symbols. They all pay 3x, 12x, or 30x regardless of whether it's a Jack, Queen, King, or Ace.

The Bobcat is the first animal in the "Major Symbols" section. It pays 8x, 30x, or 70x. The Wolf is next and pays 15x, 40x, or 100x. Finally, the Bear pays 20x, 50x, or 150x.

The Buffalo scatter is also on the second, third, and fourth reel. In addition to it triggering the free spins bonus round, it pays a prize of 2x when you get all three scatters on the reels.

How easy is it to win? It has a game RTP of almost 96%. We found ourselves winning frequently. Test it out yourself. Play demo mode and see how well you do before you deposit funds and play for real money. We gave it 10 spins at $25 per spin. We hadn't won much until we hit the streak of King symbols triggering the re-spin bonus. Winning $450 in that bonus round made our money back.

Forest Frenzy slots' graphics, audio, and payouts all help shape how impactful we find this slot game. It's fun and rewarding and definitely is a nature-themed bonus slot game you shouldn't overlook.