Caribbean Gold Slots

Are you up for an adventure? This will be an adventure where you can take the booty from the pirates if you have what it takes. In Caribbean Gold slots, you will have to deal with a few pirates, but in the end, the prize is yours. This bonus video slot game was developed by Wager Gaming Technology and used five reels and 25 pay lines. You can place a bet of 4250 on each spin, and the big pay off is 3000 coins. This slot game includes the use of wilds, scatters, and free spins. Be sure to play Caribbean Gold Slots at any Wager Gaming Technology casino by your choice of download, mobile or free play.

Pirate Symbols are Sure to Help

Here’s what you will need to accomplish this daring adventure, a Compass, the Caribbean Gold Logo symbol, a Treasure Chest, a Skull & Crossbones, a Pirate, a Parrot, and a Cannon. The Compass is the game’s wild symbol, and five of them take the top prize, but four of them pay out 1500 coins. The Caribbean Gold Logo symbol plays the scatter symbol and will pay anywhere with three. Three of them take you to the free spins round.

A Bonus of the Booty

The bonus feature starts when you spin three of the Caribbean Gold Logo symbols. Here, you will get eight different treasure chests to select from. You can continue to choose until you find two that match. This determines not only your number of free spins but also your multiplier. There is a second bonus here too. This is the Buried Treasure Feature, and this one can be initiated after any spin at random. In this one, you will be presented with 15 various islands in the Caribbean, and you will have to use your best guess to find where the pirate has buried his treasure. If and when you find it, your prize will be revealed. You can continue to select Islands until you spin a shipwreck, and the bonus feature will cease. You do have the option to quit any time you wish.